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MEDCHEM is the project under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. It is a 12th, five year plan approved project under Biological sciences cluster(BSC-01108). The tenure of the project is up to March 2017. Regenerative medicine refers to a group of biomedical approaches to clinical therapies that may involve the use of stem cells. Examples include the injection of stem cells or progenitor cells (cell therapies), the induction of regeneration by biologically active molecules administered alone or as a secretion by infused cells (immune-modulation therapy), and transplantation of in-vitro grown organs and tissues. Regenerative medicine also includes the possibility of growing tissues and organs in the laboratory and safely implant them when the body cannot heal itself.

About MedchemDB

MedchemDB is the systematic compilation of various pathways, crystal structures and target details related to the stem cell research. Information has been  included in the database through  various online tools/databases such as PubMed, SciFinder, Integrity etc. and also through authenticated open literature search using internet.
The compilation and the overall organisation of the data has been done in such a way that the navigation within the database is simpler and user friendly.
Database contains a local search which searches within the database and global search through world wide web (www) which carries out a categorical search in the form of videos, books, patents etc.
Wherever required, the database is also linked to various well known authenticated databases like ChEMBL, KEGG, UniProt, RCSB Protein Data Bank, Pfam, NCBI, PDBsum etc. in order to organize the relevant information at one place. It is also connected with the already existing SINP portal where information about the various latest Publications, Presentations, Minutes of Meeting  related to the project is stored.

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